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If you have never registered with us before click on the create account button and enter your e-mail address if this is a new e-mail address it will ask you to register the new e-mail address with us.  If the e-mail already exists in our database it will send you a reset password link which will allow you to log into the website.  Once you are logged in click on register and make sure all the information is up to date, please enter cell phone number and choose your telephone carrier so you may receive game schedule reminders.  On the bottom of the page check the box that says remind me and click submit.  The next page will allow you to choose the team you are playing on if you are playing in more than one division you can select those teams at the same time.  Scroll down in the agreement forms to click the agreement accept buttons and press submit at the end of the page.  

After you are done with the registration process you can process your payment by clicking on the payment tab on top.  Select the division you are in an the number of players that are on your team.  Please remember to include your full name and team name in the notes schedule you will need to do this for each team you are playing on.  If you have any questions or problems please whatsapp 347-749-3257