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  •  NCAA Rules will apply for violations but in a half court setting
  • All fouls and violations will be called by the referees including 3 seconds in the paint on the offensive team.
  •  21 points or 25min whichever comes first 2's and 3's and 1's for foul shots.  the clock does not stop except in timeout.
  • All steals, air balls, and rebounds must be cleared by the opposing team anywhere around the 3 point line.  Both feet must be behind the 3 point line.
  • 1 time out per team for the game. 
  • Stalling or holding the ball will result in a loss of possession 30 sec shot clock should be enforced by the referee. 
  • Games will be started with a coin toss to see who receives the first possession. 
  • The team that scores will play defense on the next possession.  Possession will change after each basket scored. 
  • Free throws will be awarded if a player is fouled in the shooting action.  On the 7th team foul (two free throws) no 1-1. 
  •  Technical fouls will be called for cursing, instigating, disrespecting the referee or player, smack talking, fighting, walking up to a player in an aggressive manner, and any other unsportsmanlike conduct. 2 free throws will be awarded, the team with the ball will keep possession of the ball. 
  • All teams will be ranked after the first game based on ead to head, point differential, time, and if it is still a tie a coin toss. In that order.