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SABL 2015-2016 Winter Season Tues Div 3 Awards

Tonight SABL will hold its possible final game for its Tuesday night Division 3 league.  Come join us to see if Another one can go undefeated in the playoff or will team Punjab force a second final game in the double-elimination playoff.   The game will start at 8:55PM and the gym will be open from 8:10pm - 10:30 plenty of time for you guys to get some shots in.  Another one has figured out how to close out games which they struggled with in the beginning of the season losing many of their games within 4 points. Team Punjab which seemed like a well-oiled machine now seems to be struggling with the playoff intensity and team chemistry. 


This season awards winners are listed below, the winners are based off only the 10 regular season games. 

MVP Yasin, Tariq
Highest FG % Chaudhry, Kashif
3 point Champ Budhai, Nevash
Scoring Champ Singh, Sukhjinder
Rebounds Champ Khan, Nadeem
Assist Champ Tahir, Munir
Blocks Champ Azam, Zain
Steals Champ Ahmed, Kamil
Defensive Player Tharchara, Arvin
Coach of year Sandhu, Mandeep
Rookie of the year Sanzar, Wais

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Division 1 Champions

Division 1 Champs

After having lost to the ICLI Lions early in the playoff  Afg  ballers managed to defeat the Lions in double digits both times and they did it without Steph.  The combination of Jamal and Nafi was just too much for the Lions.  Jamal dominated the first game while Nafi showed his dominance in the second final game.  Lions had made several runs but  Afg  ballers would always find a way to slow them down.

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SABL 2016 Winter Finals

Division 3

No one in the league thought out of all the teams that Penguins would win the championship without a loss in the playoffs, especially since they finished the season off with back to back losses right before the playoffs.  Adrenaline looked to be the favorites going into the game but an ankle injury to their big man Fawaz who was not able to return to the game in the first half tipped the scale toward the Penguins.  The game was still a one position game till the very end with MVP Danyal Cheema leading the way.  Sharif Khan for the Penguins was dominating the paint without Fawaz to stop him.  View the highlights of their game below.


Division 2 

Munir has put together some of this best guards in the league for team NWO as they dominated the regular season.  But they just could not seem to beat Decepts whenever they faced them.  Moe B has been dominating this division for several years even when he is forced to split his team after two consecutive wins he manages to find new teammates that will get him another chip.  2 consecutive wins with team captains, 2 consecutive wins with team decepts.  Now he is forced to split up his team once again to comply with league rules but make no mistake his take will be in the championship yet again next season.   View their game below.

Division 1 

Afg ballers have been dominating this division whenever they play, but attendance has been an issue with their key point guard Steph.  ICLI Lions have also managed to make the finals whenever they play, which was a surprise as everyone was excepting to see Decepts in the finals with Afg ballers.  MVP Jamal started off red hot as he carried his team to a 20 point lead in the first half against the Lions.  Lions were not ready to give up so easily as they came roaring back in the second half and were within 4 points at one point.  Afg ballers locked down on defense later in the game as Naffi was stopping anyone that came into the paint.  Lions could not seem to stop Jamal late in the game as he scored at will and they managed to force a second final game against the Lions this Sunday.  

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Pickup your award this Sunday at 12PM

Here are this years award winners.  Some of you were eligible for more then one award but we adapted a strategy two season ago where we do not give more then one award to the same person.   Awards will be given out during the finals, the games are taking place at RFK on April 10th starting 12PM.


Awards Division D1 Name Awards Division D2 Name Awards Division D3 Name
MVP Razaki, Jamal MVP Babury, Farhad MVP Cheema, Danyal
Highest FG % Singh, Gagan Highest FG % Parhar, Manjot Highest FG % Haque, Hamza
3 point leader Wand, Edward 3 point leader Wand, Edward 3 point leader Singh, Premdeep
scoring leader Yasin, Tariq scoring leader Jammu, Navjeet scoring leader Tahir, Munir
Rebounds Champ Macbahi, Mahdi Rebounds Champ Singh, Gurdeep Rebounds Champ Khan, Fawaz
Assist Champ Salama, Omar Assist Champ Chaudhary, Saffi Assist Champ Ghauri, Ferrukh
Blocks Champ Singh, Sarabjit Blocks Champ Singh, Jatinder Blocks Champ Singh, Pawanjot
Steals Champ Khan, Azfar Steals Champ Yousuf, Zain Steals Champ Abraham, Noble
Defensive Player Mashriqi, Nafi Defensive Player Thomas, Stanley Defensive Player Dar, Bilaal
Coach of year Baryalai, Faiz Coach of year Begawala, Muhammad Coach of year Singh, Gurnek
Rookie of the year Locus, Terrance Rookie of the year Samson, Chris Rookie of the year Singh, Sukhjinder

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SABL Winter 2016 previews

This weekend we have 3 powerhouse matchups.  Elimination weekend for all 3 divisions.  Here is a look at the matchups:

Division 1
Afghan Ballers vs. Decepticons
Physically, the Afghan Ballers look completely unstoppable yet the own the same record as the Decepticons.  This is going to be a matchup of raw talent vs. a complete team.  Decepticons are the Spurs of the league.  Even scoring and contributions from every single player on the floor.  Afghan Ballers are like the Cavs.  Led by a deadly threesome of Nafi, Jamal and Shafi.  Moe B. has the experience and knows how to get his team going.  Matchup of the day will be Nafi vs. Mahdi.  But we're not going to be watching them against one another, we are going to watch how these 2 guys anchor their defenses.  Arguably the top defensive players at their position, these two guys will make it difficult for the opposing teams.  These 2 teams split the season series and this is bound to be a close game.  The community sees this going down to the wire in favor of the Afghan Ballers.  Stef and Ming will prove to be the deciding factors of the game and will win by a score of 72 - 68 sending the Decepticons home.
Division 2
Win or go home for these 2 teams.  NWO came back from a 10 point deficit last week to knock off Imaan and advance.  Led by the heroics of Harsimarjit and Munir, they were able to take the lead late and hold on.  Showtime on the other hand is looking to continue onto the championship round led by a talented threesome of Nav, Gurpreet and Manjot.  What is great about these guys is their ability to play together and pick up eachothers slack.  We're looking forward to seeing Harsimarjit vs. Gurpreet in the paint.  These guys are going to bang.  Question is, who is going to guard Nav.  Is Omar Salama up to the challenge?  He seems to be the best defensive weapon NWO has, but he is a few inches shorter.  If NWO comes out shooting like they did last week, they will have a legit chance of winning.  Community likes NWO here because of their depth at every position.  Expect Saffi to bounce back this week and lead NWO a victory by the score of 65 - 59.
Division 3
Adrenaline really started the season strong but tailed off at the end.  Wolverines remained pretty consistent through out.  This is going to be a real fun game to watch.  Both teams are young, energetic and play great team ball.  Adrenaline will need big games from Faway and Danyal if they want to have a shot at beating Wolverines.  They have an even team with depth at every position and it will be difficult to keep them at bay.  Arvin and Ferrukh are having amazing season and we can see them take advantage of Adrenaline in the paint.  That will be the deciding factor here as the backcourts are pretty even.  We just don't think Adrenaline has the muscle to stop the paint penetration and look for Ferrukh to take advantage of it.  Wolverines takes this game and advances with a score of 66 - 56.

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SABL Winter 2016 Week 6 Highlights

SABL Winter 2016 Week 6 Div 1 Imaan vs NYC Kings 

SABL Winter 2016 Week 6 Div 3 Vipers vs Adrenaline 

SABL Winter 2016 Week 6 Div 3 Wer1 vs Force 

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SABL videos from Week 4

SABL Division I Week 4 Panthers 66 vs Imaan 70 

SABL Division II Week 4  NWO 67 vs Athletes 58 

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SABL Power Rankings Div III Week 4
  1. Vipers (4-0)- The top of D3 isn’t crowded anymore. After the dust settled at RFK HS this past Sunday, the Vipers are now the only undefeated team remaining in D3. The young squad, overlooked at the beginning of the season, now has every team’s attention. Their win over a Nav-less Wolverines squad caught some by surprise as many predicted the Vipers to be the least formidable team of the top 3 in Division 3. They’ll try to make it 5-0 this week against a suddenly freefalling Lions squad.


  2. Wolverines (3-1)- No Navjit spelled problems for the Wolverines this past weekend as his 19 ppg were sorely missed in the battle of the undefeated teams. For the Wolverines to be the top team in the league, they need their big three in Navjit, Arvin, and Ferrukh to show up week in and week out. With Navjit absent and Arvin struggling (9 pts, 2-11 FG), the team could not keep their undefeated streak intact against a stacked Vipers squad. Bright spot? Guard Ferrukh has turned his game up a notch averaging close to 22 a game these last two weeks.


  3. Penguins (3-1)- The Penguins just keep winning which spells trouble for the host of 1-3 teams hoping this young squad starts to sputter as the season continues to move along. They’re playing as one solid unit and showed their depth against WeR1 this past Sunday. Despite the hot start, the jury is still out on whether or not the Penguins will be in the D3 playoffs this year. The quartet of Fazeel, Sharif, and the Dar brothers seems promising and makes this team serious contenders for a playoff push.


  4. Captains (1-3)- What a difference a week makes! This time last week the Kash’s Captains were in really really bad shape. They were winless, struggling to score, and going against what many considered to be the hands down favorites to win the championship in D3 this season. Enter Munir. What may go down as the best midseason pickup of any division, Munir proved to be the final piece in the Captains team, a go-to scorer. Their 72 point showing against Adrenaline is enough to have the top teams looking in the rearview mirror. If the team can continue to play unselfish basketball, and outhustle some of these younger teams, the Captains just might be able to make a midseason run and nab a playoff spot.


  5. Adrenaline (3-1)- Oh, how the mighty have fallen. What happen to Adrenaline this past week? This was supposed to be a gimme game for the team, one last tune-up game before the team faces off against stiffer competition. Did they overlook the Captains? Yes. Are they still the most loaded team in the league? Probably. Are they beatable? Yes. Even with guard Danyal Cheema lighting up the Captains for his best game of the year, Adrenaline still could not pick up stops on the defensive end of the ball to put the veteran team away. With only the Penguins, Vipers, and Wolverines left to play, Adrenaline needs to sure up that D quick.


  6. Force (1-3)- Welcome back Force! The team we thought was going to show up at the beginning of the season, finally joined the party this past Sunday. Team previews labeled Force as a favorite in D3, but three consecutive losses to start the season had the remaining teams believing otherwise. Their big win against the Lions is the shot in the arm this team needed, now they needed to get their full team to show up on a regular basis if they want to undo the damage their slow start dished out. Strong games from the Abrahams and Andy are a necessity every week if this team wants to win. Behind those three, the team has an above average supporting cast, so it’ll be fun to see how much this team improves down the stretch.


  7. ICLI Lions D3 (1-3)- It’s safe to say that the Lions have been a major disappointment and I would not be at all surprised if they miss the playoffs in D3. Brothers Arif and Adil have been unable to shoulder any kind of offensive load averaging 10 points apiece through the first 4 games of the year. Their struggles, combined with the inability to show up at full strength, has left the Lions reeling. Close losses only mean so much at some point the Lions need to start finishing games, because as of right now, their season looks mighty bleak.


  8. WeR1 (0-4)- Four weeks into the season and WeR1 is still struggling to put any sort of game together. The team has lost by double digits in each of its four losses this season and will continue to lose if they cannot correct their basketball mentality. WeR1 is leading the division in 3’s attempted, all the while hitting them at a below average clip. A near 20 point loss to a young Penguins team shows that this team needs to get back to the drawing board and fast. They’ve got the Wolverines this week and another blowout loss would only add salt to an already nasty wound.

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SABL 2016 Winter Season

After a successful summer run of the new division 3 we are going to add this division to our main season.  Starting this Sunday we will be holding games from 10AM-9:30PM at RFK for division 1, 2, and 3.  This season we have 6 teams in our D1, 8 teams in D2, and 8 teams in D3.  A lot of new faces this season.  

Division 1

Decepts still a power house as they bring back a lot of the same guys Moe B, Maaz, Omar, etc...  There is defiantly more competition this season and their guards look a little banged up from last season.  The team has great chemistry but they may be undersized can Andrea and Mehdi take on the new bigs in D1. 

Imaan is bringing back its championship team they were undersized last season as Cire was injured but he will be returning this season with Reyaad, Farhad, and Tariq.  If i had to pick a team now i would go with Imaan even though they always have attendance issues. 

ICLI Lions are returning to the league this season if you remember they were in the finals two season ago.  Although rules have changed since the last time they played they will have to find more Asian players to fill the team roster.  With captain Omar Salama only limited to 20ppg he will have to reply on the rest of his team for scoring.  They bring back Vikas as their big but they will need another big man if they want to be able to compete in this league. 

AFG Ballers are making their return to the league as you remember they are team full of guards who just lacked a big man but with the new rule changes they finally have the big man they needed to compete in this league.  Nafi will be a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the court. 

Panthers are stepping up their game by moving over to the D1 as they have the talent to compete at a high level.  The only problem is they have such a hard time winning their playoff games.  They bring back the same guys with the addition of Vish and Ravi.  

NYC Kings is a new team but with many of the same faces we have seen over the years.  we don't know if they have enough talent to compete in this league but i think captain Sabi Singh may have some surprise players up his sleeve that we have not seen yet. So don't sleep on them the first game of the season will really tell us where they stand as they face off old teammates from Panthers. 

Division 2

Decepts guards are so good that they can all compete in D1, they also have enough size with Andrea, Arvin, and Jose cleaning up the boards.  They are still the favorites to win it all this season.

Showtime came up a little short last season losing in yet another finals, captain Goppy cannot seem to get over that hump.  His roster seems depleted but he is always working toward improving his roster so look for some new surprises this season.  

Imaan is a lot like decepts where its the same team from D1 minus their 2 elite players Cire and Reyaad. Again its going to come down to if the team stays healthy and if they show up to their games.  They are probably the biggest team in the division.

Athelites is a new team but comprised of our regular SABL house hold names. Captain Manu has been working for years to put together a team from Richmond Hill and he has finally pulled it off.  Lets see if it pays him dividend. 

NWO stands for New World Order captain Munir is leading his first team in the SABL in division 2 and he brings with him a new group of talent.  Moe H, Wais, Omar Salam, and probably their best player Saffi as Omar will be limited do to league guidelines. 

Goon Squad is a reincarnation of the Falcons under new leadership. Captain Indo feels his team has gained a lot of experience from last season and now ready to compete in a higher level. 

Chicken n Rice is a brand new team they are hungry for a chip but i think they are going to be surprised that the competition is higher then they anticipated. 

STYL stands for Saint Thomas Youth League, you may remember some of these guys from over 5 years ago. Captain Sijo is also investing in the future as brings a lot of young guys with him this season.  They really wanted to play D3 so dont know if they have enough talent to compete in D2 only time will tell.

Division 3

Wolverines after a tough loss in the finals last season this team is hungry as captain Arvin brings back many of the same old guys.  Their biggest loss was when Freddy got injured before playoff lets see if his replacement can help them win a championship this season.

Captains are comprised of players that were also team captains at one point in SABL.  They also have 4 SABL commissioners on the team, one would say they have a lot of experience on this team.  Another would say this is the oldest team in the league and the kids are going to run them out of the gym.  Captain Kashif brings back the guys who made SABL happen Ammad Sheikh, Solyman Najimi, and Ahmad Sayar.  Other captains are Eli Kim from 30+ team NYCE, Hasan from Imaan.  They also picked up the enforcer Afran Arif and point guard LJ.  

Force is finally back after missing the playoff so many times in D2 they will finally have a home where they can compete and hopefully win a championship this season.  Captain Prince Panicker is bringing back a lot of the same players we are used to seeing.

Wer1 cannot seem to stick to one team name as they started off as wolf pack moved over to 5 Rivers and now Wer1.  We are still trying to figure out what that stands for, hopefully we will have an update for you next week.  Captain Pinder is bringing back pretty much the same team lets see if he can control his staring point guard Mandeep this season as he always seems to find a way to lose the game ;).  They have a 10 man roster yet they have trouble getting 5 players to show up at times.

ICLI Lions are not the same lions that played last season this is comprised of Adil from decepts and his two brothers Arif and Hassan.  They desperately need a big man lets see what they have up their sleeve. 

Penguins don't let the name fool you this group of guys are young and fast, but they too are going to have an issue when it comes to size.  Captain Sajeel better find a big man in his 9 man roster.

Vipers are the youngest team in the division they are fast and they have size, but they lack experience.  Captain Gurnek Singh hopes to the change that this season as he enrolls his team for a league for the first time. 

Adrenaline is a new team that has some veterans and some young players on it.  They also seem to be the biggest team in the division, some may argue that they are too good for this division.  Captain Haris Khan has put together a good group of guys lets see how they do when they face off against the captains this week.

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